What’s included in an Arrangers Academy Training Event?

Day One: Introduction to the Acute Loss Period

Karl Jennings will give attendees a comprehensive overview of the Acute Loss Period, and practical instruction/application of the Acute Loss Model for arrangers and other funeral professionals.

  • Five Essential Questions
  • Selling The Invisible
  • The Experience Economy
  • The Unguarded Moment
  • The Drama in Seven Phases
  • The Solution
  • The Why
  • The Modern Customer
  • The New Customer Portal
  • Overview of Seven Phases of the Acute Loss Period
  • Using the Bi-Fold to Educate your Customer

Day Two: Finding Your Voice 

Day 2 is designed to help each attendee find his/her voice. Each attendee will be shown how to apply the concepts learned in ALC 100 in a way that is authentic and fits their personality and professional experience. 

  • Personal Loss Narrative Survey
  • Three Orientations 
  • Doers vs. Feelers
  • One Universal Need
  • Changing their Mental Moorings
  • In Depth: Seven Phases of Acute Loss Period
  • Practicums